The Conceal Deal

’’By New Beauty’’

Take down troublesome dark circles with these undercover tips and product.

The dreaded dark circle is a master manipulator:  It convinces other we’re tired, unhealthy or longer in the tooth than we really are.  Thankful, we can manipulate it in return though the art concealment.  “I like to think of concealers  at your face best friend ,” make-up artist Noreen Young says.  “ By using the right of concealers by corrector” you are brighten the eye area take away dark , appearance and make the face well-rested.

Not simply all the product does the job, however, the worry color or application can kill your overall  make-up look”, Young says select

A sure fire method for hiding dark circles on women of all ages is to build your coverage slowly.  “ I apply the concealer in soft layers.” Young says. “ I’ll check how the color is coming along between layers by looking at it in the sunlight (If possible).”

Step1: To tackle extremely dark circles, apply a corrector before concealer.  Correctors work to counteract the darkness in the skin for fairer complexions, choose a honey-yellow shade; for deeper complexions, try a salmon tone.  Using a concealer brush, start applying at the inner corner of the nose, along the orbital bone.  Continue underneath the lashes athird of the way across the eye, being mindful of dark areas.

Note:  Pay attention to the innermost corner of the eye along the nose.  Since this part tends to be the darkest (because it’s the most recessed), by  brightening it, you instantly highlight the eye area.

Step 2:  Blend the corrector by gently tapping or pressing your fingers against the skin.  Do not rub or pull skin, and avoid using a sweeping motion, which only serves to remove the product.

Step 3: Pick a concealer one or two shades lighter than your foundation, and use the same application method as with the corrector.

Step 4:  To further lighten and life the area, apply an eye-brightener to the inner corner of the eye along the nose and outer edge of the eye.  Then blend everything by softly tapping your fingers against the area.

Step 5:  Sweep a generous amount of either a yellow-tone sheer loose powder or a rich face powder over the under-eye area with a shadow blending burgh.  Powder serves to set the concealer and prevent creasing .

Tip: If the under eye area now appears too light, gently dust on some bronzer to add warmth.